Perfect time to visit WDW

I am sure you have already heard about attendance being down at WDW. Well I think its a lot lower than we thought with the news reports. Why, well Disney is offering some really unpresidented discounts. Now, would be the time to talk to a travel agent that specializes in Disney travel. The reason for using a TA is that they can book you and they will monitor you reservation. If anything changes they will rebook to save you money. The crowds are way down. I have not witnessed this yet. I have not had the time to get out to the parks. Going very soon. I for one am going to enjoy this down time to enjoy the parks. If you travel to the parks a lot. Well this is the time to go. I plan to be in the parks on Friday night 8/19\16.  We will be visiting to see the Electrical parade. It will be leaving in October. Rumor has it that the color the night parade from Disneyland will be replacing it. The Electrical Light parade has been around for quite a while. 

 Just a short blog today. Please share with others and join myself, Rachel and Lt.John for our podcast ” Pirates of the Magic Kingdom” on ITunes and Google Play. 
Captain Stan. . 


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